Flintstone House Tour

The Flintstone House Tour consists of amazing tourist attractions that will take your breath away.

This tour is offered in 2, 3, and 4 hour durations. Guides are highly experienced and cater to every driver and their experience level.

This tour will take you to a very popular naturally formed rock house locals call the Flintstone House. The adventure doesn't end there. You will also see Mad Moose Rock, Top of the World, Competition Hill, Freedom Rock, and Kissing Turtles.

During this tour, our guides can teach and coach you through different terrain and driving obstacles for an all-around inclusive experience. The Flintstone House Tour is packed with incredible tourist attractions!

Pricing Details

-- 2 Hour Tour -- 

2 Person UTV - $349

4 Person UTV - $399

-- 3 Hour Tour -- 

2 Person UTV - $399

4 Person UTV - $449

-- 4 Hour Tour -- 

2 Person UTV - $449

4 Person UTV - $499

Included with Tour

  • Tour Guide in Seperate Vehicle

  • Vehicle

  • Premium Damage Waiver ($1,500 Max Out of Pocket)

  • Digital Map w/Recommendations

  • Helmets & Goggles

  • There is a mandatory gas charge to cover all fuel used during your rental.

  • A damage deposit is required with EVERY machine rental ($1,500 Authorized Damage Deposit). This will be collected upon arrival by credit/debit card only.

Please Note