Rainbow Bridge was established as a National Monument on May 30, 1910 - roughly 10 months after the Douglas - Cummings expedition "discovered" the natural stone bridge on August 14, 1909. The term "discovered" is used loosely because numerous Native American Tribes knew about the bridge's existence for centuries; many tribes even had tales, myths, and legends surrounding the bridge's purpose. President William H. Taft designated Rainbow Bridge as a National Monument.

Antelope Canyon is most commonly known for its scenic slot canyon region, but near its confluence with the Colorado River, the canyon widens and provides an enticing boating adventure. Enter the mouth of this canyon about 4 miles up from the Glen Canyon Dam on the East side of Antelope Island. The Canyon's kinks and bends will draw you in and the towering walls of sandstone on either side of you will keep you peering around the next corner.

Seven miles across and nine miles long, Padre Bay is the biggest bay on Lake Powell. It’s also one of the most scenic, with spectacular views of monuments such as Domingues Butte, Tower Butte, Cookie Jar Butte, and the aptly-named Boundary Butte, which sits astride both Utah and Arizona. So while you’ll have plenty of space for powerboating and pulling along skiers, wakeboarders, or kids (or grandparents!) on tubes, you’ll also find plenty of wind-sheltered areas to park your houseboat, and alluring backshoots like Kane Wash Canyon that are great for kayaking and exploring.

Dangling Rope Marina is like a modern-day frontier trading post. Situated mid-lake, it’s only accessible by water (the people who live and work there must come and go by boat) and is completely solar powered. If you are crossing Lake Powell, this is the must-stop midpoint and a storied tradition, too. It features a fuel dock, a store, and plenty of ice. But it’s best known for its great soft-serve ice cream and hot dogs, which taste infinitely better after a long sunny boat cruise. 


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