Frequently asked questions

Do You Have Any Free Maps Of The Area?

We are thrilled to offer each of our customers a Digital Mapping System, conviently mounted in your vehicle. This has a full map of the trail system, as well as shows your GPS location on that map! This is gone over by your check out agent. We also have a detaile map anyone can use following this link:

How Does It Work?

So glad you asked! First, you arrive at our main office located at (5665 W. Clubhouse Dr. Hurricane, UT 84737) and decide what machine you are wanting to rent! We have a large variety and can accomodate groups up to 100 people. You'll only need to bring a few items, water, closed toed shoes, clothing appropriate for the season, your DL, form of payment, and your sense of adventure! You'll be checked out quickly by one of our office personel, sign a digital waiver, get a quick safety brief, and get your safety equipment. Then it's out to your machine and on the trails! (which are conviently located just 3 min ride from the office).

What Do I Do If I Only Have A Rental Car?

Don't worry! You can conviently leave your vehicle in our parking lot and ride directly from the office!

Can You Deliver The Machines?

Yes! We do our very best to accomodate delivery to the sourounding areas. If the delivery location is further than 10 miles there is a delivery fee, contact our office for more details.

Can I tow the machines myself?

Unfortunetly we as the outfitter are the only ones authorized to transport our vehicles by trailer. As a Polaris Adventures Outfitter this is a strict policy we must uphold. However, we are happy to arrange transport of the vehicles if needed. You may, however, tow our Jetskis to a lake of your choice.

How Do I Pick Up And Drop Off My Rentals?

All off-road rentals will be picked up at our Main Office location and also return the vehicle there. We are located conviently just a 3 minute ride from the trail head of Sand Mountain. If it is a watercraft rental, you can either tow the rented item yourself, or allow us to transport it to Quail Creek Reservoir free of charge. Watercraft being delivered outside the immediate area will have a delivery fee.

What Is The Condition Of Your Equipment?

We pride ourselves in carrying the best equipment in town. We offer strictly Polaris vehicles, but offer all 2020 models, brand new. We even have their best high performance vehicles and are one of a select few in the country that rent them!

Do The Machines Have Storage For Food, Water, And Clothing?

Yes, almost all of our machines will have a small cooler on the back for drinks and snacks. Also, there is plenty of room in the machines for backpacks and other items. We do not allow you to strap fuel to any of our machines as this is a hazard to your safety. You are also not permitted to over load the vehicle. No towing.

How Long Will The Machines Last On A Single Tank?

The time and distance our machines will last depends on the driving style, terrain, and payload. However, most of the time, full tank should last a full day. All machines have gas gauges for your convenience. If gas is needed during your rental you can drive back to our main office for a re-fill.

Do you still offer free Go Pro use with your Rentals?

Unfortuetly, no. For the time being we will no longer off Go Pro Rentals due to quantity, and mis-use issues. This was a FREE service we have offered in the past, there was no charge or fee involved for this service. Therefore, NO discounts will be offered for the removal of this service.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Southern Utah is prone to ever changing weather. Most people say "just wait an hour" because the weather changes so rapidly. Due to this we as an outfitter are under no obligation to issue refunds or discounts as clearly stated in our cancellation policy. You are welcome to rebook or to use a credit towards future rentals. You will not be given a credit if you have already used your rental/tour time even with bad weather.

Do you require a Damage Deposit?

Yes we require a pre-authorization of $1000 on a Debit/Credit card, per vehicle. This is required to rent any offroad vehicles, slingshots, mahindra roxors, and jetski. We do not accept cash for the Damage Deposit under any circumstance.

How long will the Damage Deposit show on my account?

It takes approximately 2-3 business days to show the authorization voided.

What is your late return policy?

Our cancellation policy requires a **72 hour notice** or you will be billed 25% of the rental price. Same Day Cancellations will be billed the FULL price of the Rental.

Moreover, late returns on vehicles will be charged as such:

- 30min+ Late on Return: $60
- 1hr+ Late on Return: $125
- 2hr+ Late on Return: Full Day Rental Cost

If you would like to reschedule, we will give you a credit to be used within 18 months. When the equipment is reserved, it is no longer available for other customers and as such Mad Moose Rentals cannot commit the equipment to another customer during the reserved dates. There are NO cancellations on holidays. If you reserve something on a holiday and cancel without a 72 hour notice you will be charged the FULL PRICE of your rental.


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