How long has Mad Moose Rentals been in business?
Do you provide tours?
Where do I meet you to pick up the equipment?
How old do I have to be to rent your equipment?
Do I need to bring my own water?
Do I need to wear a helmet?
Can I rent your machines and drive them anywhere I want?
Do you operate year round?
Do I need to be experienced?
What if the weather is bad and it’s raining or looks like it may rain?
What is required to rent equipment?
Do you require insurance?
Do you need a security deposit?
What is your reservation & cancellation policy?
Is there a weight limit?
Will I have to sign a waiver?
What size of towing ball and light adapter plug do I need?
Do you offer a service to drop off and pick up the rental equipment?
What accessories do you provide with your rentals?
Can I wakeboard/ski behind your waverunners?
How long will waverunner last on a tank of gas?
How long will UTV last on a single tank?
Do the machines have seat belts?
What to wear?
Do the machines have storage for food, water, and clothing?
Can we take your rental machines outside of Utah?
What happens if I damage anything?
Can you clean the machine and trailer for us if we run short on time?
What is the condition of your equipment?
What happens if I break a belt?
When can I pick up or drop off my rental?
Why Mad Moose Rentals?
Do I have to haul/tow the machines myself?
Can you deliver the machines?
What do I do if I only have a rental car?
How does it work?
Do you have any Free Maps of the Area?
Where is your location?
Where do we meet for our tour?
Ride it like I stole it?
Do you require a copy of my Drivers License or ID?
What happens if I No Show for a rental or tour?
Is set up and breakdown included with your package deals and equipment?
Will I need to pay for gas with my off-road or jetski rental?
How strict are your rental start times?
Do you price match?
Can we trailer the machines ourselves to a different location?