15 Mar 2018
By Mad Moose
Ready for Summer!
Can you believe it? Summer is already here! Ok well maybe we'll get some rain this weekend but I saw boats at Sand Hollow yesterday so it's official. People are out and ready to enjoy the nice warm weather. Mad Moose Rentals is ready to help them have as much fun as possible! We are so excited to be expanding our fleet. We will be getting new utvs, jetskis, mountain bikes, bounce houses, toys, the list goes on. All so our customers can spoil themselves with grand adventures. Thats what we love to do best. We love serving up some thrilling, adventurous, once in a lifetime experience! By the way have you seen our new Bounce House? AmaZing! Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook because we'll be doing giveaways every Mad Moose Monday. Yes, this just became a thing. Well, our time is up so go outside, explore, and call us when your ready for an amazing experience!

01 Jan 2018
By Mad Moose
2018 - Things we MOOSE do this year!
We are so excited for the New Year of 2018, and have a lot planned!

Growing the Fleet!
We will be adding 3 new jetski’s this summer! We will be purchasing a pair of Seadoo Sparks as well as a Seadoo Trixx Jetski. That’s just the beginning. More paddle boards, blobs, lake toys, bounce houses, generators, outdoor theatres, and dump trailers. The list goes on and on. Thank you to all our customers for the support in helping us grow and serve you!

08 May 2017
By Mad Moose

1 - Any Day, Any Time, Anywhere in Southern Utah

With Mad Moose Rentals, we are open 24 hours a day. Every day of the year. No more having to return your equipment by the time we “close.” We don’t limit you to just daytime rentals either. Want to go out in the desert and have a bonfire with your friends? Feel free to rent from us. We have you covered whenever you have the itch for an adventure!

2 - Million-Dollar Policy

We now that protection is important. We want our customers to be covered in any kind of incident. This is why we have a million dollar umbrella policy that covers you and other riders in the event one of you gets hurt. We also allow you to pick your premium when it comes to accidental coverage. No more guessing what will happen. Have the peace of mind and worry free attitude while renting!

3 - Free GoPro Rental w/Every Reservation

What!? No other company does this. The reason we do is because we want you to remember your experience. Take this versatile outdoor camera with you and get footage of your trip. We put all the images and video online for you to keep, and you have a ton of awesome photos and video to share with friends and family!

4 - Price Match and Guaranteed Lowest Price

We know that the market is competitive. And we believe with our business model we can win your business every time. This is why we will guarantee that we are the lowest price on ALL of our products.

5 - Best Equipment in Every Category

We know our customers want only the best. That is why we only carry the top grade of products A to Z. We have the ONLY Maverick MAX X3 available for rent in Southern Utah. We know that if we invest in the best equipment, our customers will never end their rental unsatisfied.

6 - Family and Corporate Package Deals

When you’re about to have this much fun its time to invite the family and friends. We’ve put together some great package deals that work great if you are having a family reunion or corporate event. There is value in numbers. And if you bring numbers, we give you value!

7 - Wide Variety of Products

Our product list is endless. Really. You should see it. We will continually add to our list of available products to give our customers the widest selection of adventure they’ll ever see! If you don’t see something you want to rent, send us an email and we’ll look into it. Sky’s the limit.

8 - Rent on Your Time, Not Ours

Did we mention yet that we are all about the customer? This is why we don’t do time slots or only have certain days available. Your time is important, and that is why you only want to rent somewhere you can go have fun on your own time. Let us know when you want to pick up and drop off your equipment and we’ll be there. No more waiting to miss the sunrise, or rushing back to miss the sunset. Plan your adventure and we will cater to it!

9 - Adventure Areas

We are developing a platform for our customers that will allow them to see where they can go on these amazing adventures with our products. It will be a first of its kind, and will give all the outsiders a chance to learn about our secret playgrounds.

10 - Great Reviews

We have already been hearing from our customers and they love the experience they have had with Mad Moose Rentals. Take this customer for example:
“Most people don’t get to see this kind of country without a great UTV! Thanks to Mad Moose Rentals for providing such great equipment allowing us to visit country you can’t get to any other way!” -Kent Whitehead

We are all about providing a great experience to our customers. Call now and give us a try!

01 May 2017
By Mad Moose

You heard us right. We are now officially the ONLY place in Southern Utah where you can rent this AMAZING machine.

Let us tell you a little bit about it from Can-Am’s website because we are EXCITED! Check out our photo gallery for photos!

This is the world’s first factory 72-inch wide side-by-side vehicle. With 22-inches of suspension travel and advanced FOX Racing components, it stretches the X3 XRS’ abilities far beyond expectations for staggering performance…anywhere.

It also has 154 horsepower at 7,500 RPM and 113 lb-ft of torque at 7,000 RPM give searing speed, no matter the terrain. Tell your friends to look up and hang on!

Can-Am also added the all-new four-link TTX suspension with 22-in of travel which features a trophy truck-like trailing arm and three links dedicated to controlling camber while delivering optimal geometry at all times, even during extended wheel travel. The result is unparalleled power transfer to wheels, virtually no bump steer, precise steering response, more confidence at higher speeds and four huge grins!

If you want to keep learning about this awesome machine, here is a link to its specifications and features:


24 Apr 2017
By Mad Moose
"Most people don't get to see this kind of country without a great ATV! Thanks to Mad Moose Rentals for providing such great equipment and allowing us to visit country you can't get to any other way!" -Kent Whitehead

This customer review is what we are all about. We want our users to experience more! We want you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world you live in. For a lot of us we wake up, go to work, and come home. We hope that you take the time to plan a day for YOU! Every once in a while a person deserves to treat themselves to a memory that they will never forget. We help by providing the equipment and even a FREE GoPro RENTAL so you can have memories that last a lifetime and also so you can share the experience with others.

We just purchased (2) new machines. We now have the brand new Maverick X3 in both a (2) seater and (4) seater option. These are brand new machines! We are the very first company in St. George to have the Maverick X3 MAX in their rental fleet. We are so stoked about this machine and what it can do. If your ready to go have the time of your life this machine will definitely give that to you on a silver platter.

Also, update on the adventure areas. We are plotting out maps and all kind of recourses for our users to allow them to have the tools they need in order to have a great experience. We have maps upon request, know about the areas, and will guide you in your experience to make sure you find the terrain that matches your riding style.

Our official launch date will be next Monday so we are super excited to be able to provide others with the experience of a lifetime. Keep coming back because we will continue to add amazing and fun products to our repertoire!

Mad Moose Out!

17 Apr 2017
By Mad Moose
Hello everyone!

Mad Moose Here. We are SO excited to be here in Southern Utah. It doesn't get much better than St. George! We know what this area has to offer and want you to EXPERIENCE MORE! That is our motto and also our #HASH#. #experiencemore #madmooserentals. We believe that people should go out and do more without the hassle of owning and maintaining certain items. All of the items we rent are hand picked and requested for you, the customer!

We wanted to write this short insert alerting you that our machines are here! It couldn't get more excited. They are brand new, and ready to take all of you on an adventure you'll never forget. Stay posted!!